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Awaken the dormant French-speaker in you

« My know-how is to awaken the French-speaker dormant in you. With intuitist, you will discover that French is not the 'foreign' language you always thought. Contrary to popular belief, French and English are very similar in both vocabulary and structure. You think you know a couple of hundred French words...?

In fact, you know 5000 ! But you don’t know you know them.

From the very first minute of this coaching, you will be surprised how easily you can express yourself in French. You will feel like you are learning intuitively and speaking spontaneously. And because it’s intuitive, you will enjoy it, grow in confidence and remember what you learn without any great effort.

Don’t worry if you think you’re ‘not good at French’. With intuitist, there are no bad students, because all English-speakers, you included, have a surprising ability to speak English naturally and spontaneously. »

Conor Cullen

What our learners say

"I felt really comfortable when going into my French Oral because I felt I knew so much more and found connections with French and English which made me feel more like I could take charge of the language and I was in control when being asked a question. There was no need to panic. "

Polly Renshaw, student

"Conor's unique approach to teaching my oral French is something I will never forget and one that I would recommend to all students. It filled me with great confidence going into my French oral leaving cert exam and put me completely at ease. Merci! "

Tom Fitzgerald, student

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Breakthrough sessions

For business, oral exams, travel

Private tutoring

Group workshops in your

company, school or college

"How to overcome your inhibitions


speak French spontaneously"

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